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I have been looking all over and havent had much luck... i have a crx that has a b16a swap in it and i need a pin out so i can hook up my vtec..... and other 02 sensor... i have 3 wires pigged off of my ecu already because the motor was already in the car at one point but i bought it apart already and i have no idea what they are for.... there seems to be some people that know what they are doing around here so hopefully someone can help me out..... thanx and hopefully someone can help me out of my jam


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Originally posted by B16CRX+Jun 9 2005, 10:00 PM-->
@Jun 9 2005, 09:43 PM
Did you search? NO!

Took me a whole 3 seconds. Geez.
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geeze. I was just gonna post a picture od pinouts. Good spreadsheets :D
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thanxs alot guys i appreciate the fast response and i got what i needed and im gong to try and fix it tonight... i will let everyone know how it went tomorrow and once again thanx for the help....