Need some accord swap info


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I am planning on buying a 95 accord EX. 5 - speed I think it has the V-tec.

I have been searching on this board and others about this swap.

I wanted to ask is this true or not.

1. the JDM h22a ( 5-speed ) will drop right in . no motor mount moving.

2. I only have to switch the A6 ECU pin to A11 pin. to get the ECU to work.

3. only need to make some wire longer

4. I have to use the prelude Drive axles .

Is there any other info I need to do this swap?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Ps. Is there any website that are up or write ups on this swap?

What tach or cluster can I install to read the RPM/speed right?


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1. Yes and no. The prelude transmission needs to have the mount moved a little, to a different point on the transmission. If you bolt up to your stock tranny, this doesn't apply. I've also heard that you can shave the mount slightly or frankenstein it. This doesn't apply to automatics, so I didn't have to do this.

2. If you have a 95 VTEC, you will indeed need to switch pins A6 and A11. You will also need a P13 ECU for a manual.

3. You're VTEC wires can be reused. However, you will still need to run the IAB and Knock sensor wires for an H22A. There is some harness modification required, but it's not that hard.

4. Not exactly. The Prelude and Accord Driveshafts are identical. The smaller intermediate shaft from a Prelude will need to be used.

A prelude power steering hose is helpful. If you have an external coil, you'll have to run a wire to the internal coil. Reuse your Accord emission control shit and vacuum lines. You will probably need to buy a header/downpipe combo. Your O2 sensor will be mounted down below after the swap. I bought a cheap stainless Ebay header, cleaned up the ports with a die grinder, and put it in. The O2 bung is already there, and the "prelude" header was the right length to bolt onto my stock cat.<<<<<<saves a lot of trouble.

This is a good site. We know a lot about this swap. is under construction, or I'd send you there.

Here is My Gallery of Accord Prelude Swap pics.

You can use your stock cluster. Everything will read right. The redline will be at the wrong point for your new engine, but a guage face kit could change that.