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Well I had planned on getting a 10lb chromoly flywheel next week while my tranny is off, but my dad doesnt think its a good idea... so make your choice, and tell me why... i'm at a 50-50 point right now, not sure what to do :( also if anybody HAS a lightened flywheel, could you tell a difference, do you like it? you know, just general input, would you reccomend it and whatnot. oh yea... this will be my daily driver and weekend warrior at the track if that helps, i also plan on running slicks.
Why the hell should you NOT put on a lightened flywheel while the tranny is off? If you do it later when putting in a turbo, you may end up causing more work for yourself.

Just my .02
btw... if i dont get the flywheel right now i am either A) getting my hondata put in and tuned or B) redoing my brakes
from the way you've explained it to me and the fact that ive seen you race and have ridden with you while you race i would get it for the fact that it will help your launch cause you dont get any traction in first and most of second

v-tec rulez
thats true... but im also getting some much better tires, and am going to practice non-stop on getting traction on my launch, flywheel or not. i can't stand every single person i race spanking my ass out of the hole... but then again i spank their ass everywhere after that lol
Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Feb 26 2003, 09:05 PM
btw... if i dont get the flywheel right now i am either A) getting my hondata put in and tuned or B) redoing my brakes

Dude, if it's between the flywheel and a hondata, go with hondata! You're going turbo in the future so you'll need some good tuning, and that will be perfect.
A lighter flywheel gains the rpms faster, but also drops faster. I would get hondata and tune the car. At least when you get the turbo, you can get good tuning, the flywheel can come later on. Tuning is what you need to not blow up, not a flywheel :)
i think i made up my mind, hondata, brembo disks and some nice pads (dont know who makes em for my car)
Holy crap of course get those things instead of flywheel! And by the way, Hondata can work wonders for your car, even with bolt-ons. And when you go turbo, you'll definitely need it if you want to be reliable.
yea im gonna call the hondata dealer in kc and talk to him about doing it something like 3 weekends from now, sweeeeeet, im gonna have new exhaust, brakes, A 5TH GEAR, hondata oooooo sucky sucky now im excited :)

just wondering, B, why do you say dont get the flywheel?