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Hey i just got done doing my mini me conversion (d16a6 block,d16z6 head) and i have everything put together, when i try to start it i get a loud clicking noise coming from my Starter, my battery is low but not dead, could this be the cause?? someone PLEASE help me, thank you.
All battery and starter connections are tight, battery is charged, starter is still making rappid clicking noises like it cant turn over the motor. Anyone else know what the deal could be?I will pay someone to come over ( i live near vancouver, washington) and fix this son of a bitch. lol
get back to me
Sweet, it was just my battery, it was completely dead and still is,but i jump started my car and it managed to start,still runnin like ish tho. got a huge exhaust leak and when i accelerate it feels like something is holding it back.
I have not hooked up vtec eather/ It feels like the exhaust or something is completely pluged up.