Need Steps In Painting

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Well, I got new fenders from where a kid hit me. Can someone give me some help to head me in the right direction. What is the best paint? What are the steps in painting from start to finish? I have never done this before. My car is Cypress Green with metal flake if that helps any. Thanks in advance!
you work for Dodge, right? Dont they have a repair/paint shop? Then can get the oem color of your car, no problem.
take it to a shop pay the 200 bucks save your lungs and skin plus you need a shit load of tools to do it
you can install the fenders your self no prob but you may need to adjust ie bend them alittle so the fit perfect you may need to use filler to with the aftermarket i have use they never fit perfect thay always take alot of work to get on
Send it to the shop you will be much happier with the result. If you're courious as to how it's done ask if you can observe when they do your car