Need to replace the CV shafts, any how to??

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Ok I put a *new* engine into my crx and among other things I need to install the CV shafts. I think thats what they are anyway. The shafts that plug into the transmission. When I pulled them out it looked like there were 3 prongs on the end that goes into the tranny. On the prongs were, for lack of a better word, nuts that seemed to go around the prongs. I assume they help the shaft rotate in the transmission. Anyway, I want to do this myself because the car has been sitting at the shop for a month and apparently they aren't going to do it. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!
Ok I am looking at this honda manual on disc thing I got from a friend and it is referring to the part as a driveshaft. SO whatever.....
What motor does it have in it??? If its the stock motor just go to autozone and the take a core for the old ones and will be less costly.

ya boy steveo