Need your Help! 89EF-Si w/b16a2 obd2 swap

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I'm working on the wiring harness part and both motors are out. My car is a 89 SI, and Motor is from a '00 Civic Si. Here's my questions: I know the speed sensors need to be swapped out, which car can i get the sensor from or can I use the one off the 2000 SI wire harness? Anyone have a write up on how to do it too w/pix? Same with the reverse sensor can i use the on off the '00 SI? Anyone have a pix of where that sensor is on the 00 Si harness? I swapped out the sensor for the alternator, dizzy and fuel injec. Anyone think of any other sensor that need to be swapped besides the vtec's and o2? Thanks ahead for your help.
No one? Anyone, not even a comment? I know damn near half of the people that read this thread has completed this. Shouldn't it be the same as a obd1?