Neuspeed Springs

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Brand new in the box Neuspeed Lowering springs. These will lower your honda/acura 2.25".
They'll fit any 94+ Integra, and 92-95 Honda Civic.
Price $120 + Shipping
Originally posted by CRX-YEM@Oct 21 2002, 02:59 PM
All I gotta say is that's an amazing price.
glad we've got a chap like Jason around to get us kick ass deals

thanks for the props. I try my best to hook everyone up here. I hope it's working out well. I still have these available. these will make a great setup with a koni shock ( i do belive chet has this setup and he loves it)
yeah, my setup is pretty nice, koni's plus neuspeeds.

for the price, you can't beat this setup.
Originally posted by rico2001@Oct 22 2002, 04:47 PM
for the 4G accord, which do you carry: Race-2.20"F/2.00"R, Sof Sport-.75"F/.75"R, or Sport-1.80"F/1.70"R?

it's your choice on which one you want. Let me know. I do believe that I can beat that other price you told me earlier..