new and use JDM parts for sale also WTB

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JDM 4.785 Final Drive Set $410
JDM Integra Type R Rear Tower Bar $155
Set of 4 Buddy Club P1 Racing SF wheels 15x6.5 Gunmetal $570
Tein Mitsubishi Evolution Model Kit $25
Recaro SR3 Cell phone Holder $14
Spoon Resvoir Covers $18

Gsr Shift linkage $90
non LSD B16a Tranny $700
non LSD Gsr Tranny $650
2nd Gen B16a complete shortblock $550

98 up Type R or GSR brake master cylinder or booster

You can come pick it up, if you are in South Florida
Email me at if interested
$700 for a used B16A tranny with no LSD seems a little high, unless this is a hydro tranny.