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if its a jdm engine then you will have to use your stock engine harness because the JDM one is backwards, but it looks like everything is there except the radiator and possibly the heater and radiator hoses.
use a 99-00 honda civic Si radiator and radiator hoses, your stock heater core hoses should work.
the 99-00 civic si (b16a2) radiator will bolt directly in place of your old radiator and has the correct size water necks (they are about 1/4" bigger than the d series radiator necks) it makes for a very clean looking swap.


i actully just bought a brand new radiator for it so i'm good for that. i'll order the swap as soon as i sell my hatch and i should put it in the week i get it. i just bought this coupe yesterday with a bad tranny. i'm starting my own build thread too. thanks for the help man. reppin'