new cd player

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i just scored a alpine cda-7897 its been a long time since ive been in the stereo game, but im happy about it because it seems sweet and they stopped making them like 5 years ago, and this one was never used its still new. im thinking its a bad ass head unit, but yall know better than me on this kinda of stuff so feel free to comment.


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im gonna put it in the 83 civic build
Fucking BADASS! I think Mike had one of those back in the day....shame that it doesn't control an iPod :(
mehh i dont like it. too many buttons; :p

the wife has an alpine as well with the ipod controls. pretty sweet CDP's to bad no stereo shop in town will sell them anymore....hmmmm
to bad the old alpines you needed an mit degree to adjust the bass lol.