New Engine suggestions for 88 civic DX....

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Hey guys!! I haven't posted in this area lately but I prefer to keep my yap shut if I'm not sure about stuff. Anyway, I think I blew the engine in my delivery car. Like the topis says, it's an '88 Civic DX ATX. I was driving it on the interstate and it made a sound like it hit the rev limiter but it didn't. After that I eased off the gas and it lost power. I pulled off the exit and checked the oil and it was completely empty. I had changed the oil about 3 weeks prior and it wasn't leaking oil or noticeably burning oil so I don't know where the hell it went. I put more oil in and drove home. The engine started making a kind of knocking, I don't really wanna say knocking but I dont know how else to describe it. The car wasn't overheating or anything so I continued to drive it. Now... when I park with the front end higher than the rear it burns oil like crazy for a few hundred yards and it has gone through 4qts of oil in a little over a week. So to make a long story short I think I blew the headgasket. I want to know what you guys think I should do with the little beast. I would really like to keep it because the body isn't that bad and the interior is pretty nice too. Also, I have to have an ATX because trying to check directions, check addresses and shift all at the same time is just too much trouble.

So, the car has 180k on it. It still runs as of now but needs new brakes and a new CV shaft and I'm basically waiting for the poor think to keel over. If I do a swap I would really like to increase the HP a bit because I get absolutely no respect in the car and get cut off by dickheads in their gay-ass sunfires and cavaliers because I am too slow to stop em. So... PLEASE give me suggestions on what to do whether it be rebuild, ZC swap, whatever... Thanks a lot.
Ok WTF is the deal here. Anytime I post a question or whatever I get no responses or I get people talking shit. I try to help people as much as I can, usually it's in car audio or body/exterior. Do people here have a problem with me or something. I mean this has only been viewed 9 times while other things that were posted today have like 100+ views. Whats up with that? All I'm asking for is a damn opinion or suggestion, help me out here.


Drop in a ZC- cheap and affordable. Find a way to run the flex plate on it for the automatic transmission, then grab an ECU from an automatic 90-91 EX to run it.