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Hey all you people, just found this site. i own a 1989 white hardtop toyota supra, 5spd, 15psi MBC with 3" mandrel bent downpipe and exhaust. I also own a 1994 civic hatchback with a b18c1 swapped in it...she ran a 13.5 on street tires with juice and im hoping to get it a little faster this some new parts and hopefully have a turbo kit for it this summer.
Welcome y0. Hope ya like it here as much as i do!
you can get the NA supra in hardtop or targatop. I have an original turbo hardtop. The turbo editions also came with the glass moonroof/hard moonroof. just run over to
thats funny... from what i understood all turbo supras after 88 were targa tops, i thought there was a lonely 90 with the sunroof, and everything before the 89 was a hardtop or had the sunroof... my bad... ill shut up lol BTW how long did your head gasket last? i was looking into an 89 turbo and i didnt wanna have to change the head gasket a week after i got it lol
When I had my 87 Supra Turbo, the head gasket was never a problem for me, it was those 5 goddam TRD clutches and 2 rebuilt transmissions that got to me.
if i remember right the head gasket problem started in 88 or 89, not completely sure though.