New Lancer Yo

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I know this is a honda site but the new lancer evo is out and if you guys havent checked it out you should, its pretty sick!! 271 hp , 273 torque , recaro seats .


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why the hell is this in misc tech????

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it looks pretty sweet ... its about time we start getting some real cars from japan...
but the taillights are so fuckin GHEY!!! why the fuck is everyone doing that shit????? it looks like fuckin ass??????


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its out? as in available for purchase? i was under the impression they wouldnt be available until spring.


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sorry didnt see anything goes, i agree those tailights are pretty rice. a lot of people will be seeing those tailights too after they get smoked.


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am i blind or something? all i see if the info he typed about it.. i dont see the pic or a fucking link... link me y0!


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OLD news! :p
but yeah ive been dreaming about the evo for a while.
its rated at 273, but was dynoed at over 300.
its underated in HP because of japans 280hp restrictions.
supposedly this car will do 0-60 in 4.8!!
and cost 32k.


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BLEH the usdm lancer is ugly, too much damn money. i like the new suspension that the evo 7 will be sporting but i'm not sure if our model will have it. . bring me an evo 4 or evo 5 jspec and i'll be happy until then i'll stick with a honda