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Whats up. i dunno if theres anyone else here from toronto, Ont. but i wanted to c what u guys thought about this bill they have introduced to eliminate street racing.

"172.2 (1) No person shall drive or permit to be driven on a highway a motor vehicle with a prescribed part, containing a prescribed substance or equipped with prescribed equipment in prescribed circumstances. "

basically if u have anything on ur car that is not from factory stock, these are the punishments i believe:

200-1000 dollar fine.....or 6 months in jail...or both

cop has the right to remove and destory anything that is on the car that he believes is not from factory or is used for street racing

man this sux
thats fucked man. I hope for your sake that that doesnt fly. I know it wouldnt in the states, just the good old boys with their muscle cars and trucks would be enough to boot that out of vote real fast. If it does happen, you need to get together a ton of modified cars and have em drive like 25 miles an hour down the nearest freeway taking up all lanes of traffic thatd be some good old nonviolent protest right there and itd get mad news coverage. The cops pull some shit trying to stop that and all hell would break loose.
lol, ya man this is bullshit...i dont think it wont pass though....alot of the shops in T.O and alot of people, like u said muslce cars...everyone are signing to vote against it...if it passes so many companies (shops) here wil go out of business
See, that type of legistlation isn't just bad for street racers, it's bad for the entire market that surrounds aftermarket goods.

You have to ask your .. idiot legislators .. if they comprehend the idea that you can buy an aftermarket hood cheaper than you can buy a factory stock hood (even if they're exactly the same thing!)

Bad economy + stupid legislation = mayhem.
you guys want to hear a funny bill going to be maybe passed in washington? If a kid does bad on the WASL test in 7th grade he can't get his permit until he is 17 or somethign like that. The wasl is a controversial test they make you take in 4th, 7th, and 10th grade and now all kids graduating in 2007 have to pass the wasl to graduate and most adults even fail the wasl. Its hella funny. The bill is going to go into the the tubes.
I don't understand that at all... That would also work against domestic's so it won't pass. No old politican would want to go to jail for their chevy 350 block mods.
That's retarded, what does a 7th grader taking a test have to do with driving. The two are so unrelated. Politicians are :ghey:
:rolleyes: HEY! Im from T.O. YEAH I HEARD ABOUT IT.. I dont think they will go thro with it tho.. because so many businesses are circled around the whole "car modification" scene.


I strongly urge you to sign the petition . Thank You.
SIGN HERE please


THX :)
Someone wiser than I once said, "...a problem doesn't exist until gonvernment develops a program to solve it..."

>me getting on my soapbox<

However, as a father and an auto insurance liability adjuster, I will back almost any legislation that bans highway racing. I love to go fast and am obsessed with racing but there is a place for everything. Public streets are NOT the place to experience the thrills of racing.

When an accident does happen, it makes everyone's insurance premiums higher (called the law of large numbers). I, for one, do not like talking to families that have just lost a son/daughter/whatever because someone was too selfish to race where they should.

Nearly all areas have access to SCCA sanctioned events. SCCA Official website use the link to find one near YOU

The bill outlined above does suck and is way over the edge. However, families that vote, contribute to campaigns and loose loved ones to this foolishness will always get a bill introduced. Some watered down version will pass so that legislators can have their photo-op and placate voters at the same time.

In GA, for example, it is now illegal to have nitrous installed your street car. You can have the hardware but not the bottle or the bottle but the plumbing has to be disconnected prior to the injectors. This bill began something like the one above and ended up only banning nitrous. I was fortunate enough to be in the GA Senate the day this was debated. There was TONS of misinformation and rhetoric on both sides of the issue.

If you don't like what bill is on the table, talk to your representative about it. I gaurantee all of you will be surprised at how much state and local legislators will listen to what you have to say. Most it it will go in one ear and out the other so if it is something that you're passionate about. KEEP TALKING!!

>me getting off my soapbox<

let me tell you about the time I smoked this Mustang on I-16.... :lol:
You have managed to confuse me.. BIG WORDS... me no like.. J/k
Yeah i understand but theres a better way of stopping street races..
W/E......... Place and Time 4 everything.. right?

PLEASE DO TELL!! :p I love stories!
I looked at that link that you posted Sweet InStinct and I didn't read the whole thing, but I saw somewhere around the middle that you aren't allowed to have colored window tint, gloss or glaze, which is just the gayest thing I've ever seen, so I would have to vote yes for it.