New Level Of Rice

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you see, SHIT LIKE THAT is what made me stop going to car shows!!! oh disgusting :puke:

oh yeah HIN is coming up, i was supposed to go... thank God i wouldnt have to wait in that damned line which seems to get longer every damn show... i know show-goers have noticed the line at HIN... haha, damn all that, no show is worth the trouble of standing in a line that long [my opinion]
Dizamn daWg,dat Shizzi iz tizzi,yO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fr:
i like how they shaved the trunk smooth BUT i hate the way it slides out or whatever the hell it does. i find it funny that he shaved the rear door handles, but not the front ones :blink:
thats the nastiest piece of crap iv ever seen in my life!! the car should be burned with the owner in it!!!!!!! :angry:
Originally posted by TrailorParkPimp@Feb 15 2003, 02:50 PM
i find it funny that he shaved the rear door handles, but not the front ones :blink:

oh shit.. I was so mortified that I didn't even notice that .. *yikes*
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this is what the ricer wrote back to me....time to link him the thread. :)
thats the most ugly civic i ever saw.
Your right about the handles pretty gay. must of run out of money to get the front handles shaved. lol!!!
you guy forgot to point out his SPOON wing lmao. Last i looked spoon din't make those fugly wings. I have to reasearh his spoon header im not sure if spoon made a header for a Soch engine but i'll look into it but i dought Mr. Rice over there has the money for anythign spoon.
Took off the sunvisers but left the mounts for them. Interior is so ghetto.