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I wanna be sedated
Everytime I try to use BitTorrent, my fucking internet connection becomes mollasses. Even when I sign on to AIM or YIM, I can pretty much forget about surfing around. Anyone know why that might be?


your computer sucks -- can't help you there
your intenet conenction sucks -- can't help you there
your ports are not set up correctly -- can help you here.

go into your router (usually just by going to in IE/firefox). if you use a linksys router, you need to port-forward (under applications and gaming) ports 6881-6999, 90-91, 5000-5001. that will take care of all the popular trackers.

also, if yo'ure on xp sp2, with the winblows firewall turned on, you will need to "add a port" for 6881, on both udp and tcp, as well as 90 for both. you can get to that via the my network places.


I wanna be sedated
When I am on windows I use my Nvidia firewall.

Computer is fine :)

Internet, not the best, but it didn't used to be this bad, so I think it is something that happened one of the thousand times I reinstalled. Anyway, I am using Linux right now (much better :) ), so I'll have to fuck with it later. I'll try changing the ports and seeing if that helps.