"New" old school 'lude

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lights: huh-uh ain't gonna happen, i've been playing with this gen since 97 (on my third) nobody makes nothing for the damn things.

exhaust: www.ludespeed.com/products/prelude/partlist/npartlst.html

one of the better designs (way better than 2nd gen for sure) upper and lower control arms, available mechanical 4 wheel steering, probably one of the more stable sports cars of the late 80's early 90's.

if you have a 88-89 Si, then you have the original b20 block (not to be confused with CRV, or anything else) the 90-91 had an option of b20 or b21. the b21 block had a carbon fiber cylinder liner, that, while cool at the time, tends to have blowby problems at 100k or so. rumor is that a stock b20 will handle up to 12 lbs with no real issues, while a b21 will blow out at 5-8.

transmission: nope. hydraulic clutch and 2-cable shifter unlike any of the other hondas of recent history. and nothing bolts up to the block.....best you can do? LSD from the above page.
aftermarket......hah. nothing pardner, cept jegs used to have a NAWS kit for it.

i'm going to start building up one of my b20's just to see what i can do with it. my car, all stock, motorwise, runs a 17 flat, not too impressive, till you realize that that's a complete car, with a 100lb bottle of nitrogen in the back, and 188k miles.