New Pics Of The Green Machine

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thought i'd take some new pics of the green machine, as i just washed it and installed a used EG Lip that i purchased from a girl here on campus for 15 dollars. also...notice the iceman intake...and clean engine bay.





notice the fender and how its not the same color...this is because i was hit by my boss...and had the fender painted seperately for 100 dollars. i then purchased a jdm type r transmission with that money...but i'll soon have the entire car painted.
Very nice Chet,Very nice.

Originally posted by Domeskilla Posted on Mar 3 2003@ 07:46 PM
Looks good chet, but doesn't this form say "swap related only"?

But it is swapped haha :lol:
nice chet... thats right, fuck the body, good choice on a new tranny instead :D
nice chet i like the ride. ill have pics up in a few months when i get it painted championship white/bronze rota tarrmac.