New to swaps, wondering what i can do with my CRX

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Pistol Pete

Junior Member
Hey, I have a '90 CRX dx and although i'm interested in a swap, i don't know a whole lot. I understand that b16a1's fit well into CRX's, but is that available in USDM, or only JDM? And supposing that I swapped a JDM motor, would i have to buy all JDM parts for it? Thank you for humoring me, once again i know very little about swaps.
you can use USDM parts with JDM engines ... the only thing different is usually the wiring harness ( for right hand drive cars ) and a few other things related to the compression or transmision stuff... and im pretty sure that the A1 isnt a USDM engine
If you stick with the b16a1 you will not have to worry about rewiring for obd1 or 2. If it were my swap I would go with the b16a1. When you get your engine try to get it from a reputable shop, and see if you can get a guarantee on it. If you live near a shop go and inspect the engine yourself, take the valve cover off, compression test, ect.
ok so i have seen many a crxs with swaps and the b16 does fit with a hasport mount kit......the most impressive crx that i have seen was a friend of mine he did a JDM ZC with a greddy turbo kit on it. that biotch was fast also i have seen a B16 in a 90 and that is also impressive just not as fast if you want to talk to someone about all of the specifics then email a guy named will at he is good with this stuff and might be able to help you just tell him that hines sent you his way :axe: