Newbie Here! What to do?

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Hey guys! Been checking out this site for awhile, and all the info has really gotten me interested. In case you can't tell by my name, i've got a 94 integra (ls). :p Anyways, the car was just recovered by the cops from being stolen, and guess what? Somebody took my engine!. Rather than totalling the car or selling it, and after reading all the great info on honda/acura swaps, i've decided just to throw a better powerplant in there. I like a fat, juicy torque band, so i've decided to go with the b20 engine. A guy at a local junkyard has a b20b in good shape for cheap too. My question is this. If i wanted to set the car up for forced induction (nothing major, just 8-12psi), would the experts reccommend just sticking with the non-vtec b20 head, or go with a vtec head from another b-series? I have read the faq a few times over, and their are several questions like this, but none of them seem to get answered. I realize the standard b20 will probably have lower compression than the a cr-vtec and therefore will be slightly better for boost, but i just love the screaming high-end power that vtec provides. Whaddaya think? :D
a crvtec setup will cost you a lot of cash... 3000 easy on top of the b20 swap alone.
really it comes down to your budget.

IMO, a b20 stock with a bolt on turbo kit will make the average honda guy MORE than happy with the power on tap.

but if you are rich, you could go crvtec turbo... but you better have 10-12 grand lying around if you don't want to blow up.

also, I highly suggest you get the b20 sleeved.
fuck that- buy another LS, sleeve that to 84mm. unless you are REALLY getting hooked up on a b20 swap, the ls will be cheaper.
Thanks man. That's pretty much what i've been hearing. I'd like to spend about 4-5g's and build myself a really sweat engine. I've pretty much eliminated the cr-vtec idea now (like you said, i'd have to have alot of scratch). I definitely want to go the boost route, and have some displacement, so it looks like i have three options. Get another b18b, re-sleeve it to 2.0, build it up, and hook up the snail. :p Forget the re-sleeving, just get the b20b. Or try to find a b20z, and boost that. I'm trying to do as much research about this before i start, so if my questions seem stupid, i apologize. :lol:
Thanks again.
b20 sleeves have been cracking let and right... thats why i recommened the ls bored/sleeved to 2.0 if you really want a 2.0.
Thanks again for the advice. So what's your opinion on this bottom end build up for a boosted b18b?

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