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I am looking for some feedback, I am trying to decide on my next project, and am thinking of an 86 - 88 hatch with an B18c. I bought my first Honda about a year ago an 89 CRX SI and have been totally hooked on Honda's ever since, I am new to Honda's but not new to building and swapping motors. The CRX is a great car but it is getting older and I want to use a newer car as my build up platform.


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I love rex's,but now a days I would build up something newer.At the very least a 90-91$.02
Why, the 88-89 are a lot lighter and some in good condition can still be had.
u have an 89 and u want something newer. so u decided on a 86-88 hatch hummm. o well go 5 th gen civic hatch (92-95). fits all b series motors w/o drop in kit :) very nice. good luckk finding a b18c1.
ahh, well that changes everything :)

any bseries will go right in with a couple simple mount changes. click the swap tab, then 6th gen for more info.

but, what do YOU want out of the car? daily? racer? street? stirp? autox?
Best desciption would be a canyon carver that goes like hell, but also able to be driven on a regular basis, not worried about a rough ride.

Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 30 2002, 02:13 AM
ahh, well that changes everything :)

hahahah, yeah it does, i was questioning why anybody would wanna do shit to a 86 hatch, my friend has a junked one and it's one of the most pathetic cars i've ever sat in, i would prolly take a ford fiesta first....... now a 96-00 hatch, better choice, i just so happen to own one and i fuckin love it.
If you want a canyon carver that goes like hell, do suspension first. You'd be surprised how fast 70 HP can be through the twists with a good driver and a nimble stance. So I'd say your order should be:
1. Suspension
2. Brakes
3. GSR
4. Wheels and tires

3 and 4 can be interchanged, depending on your budget and how itchy you are to have a faster engine.
97 ek hatch
b18c spec R w/ lsd
JIC magic suspension

it will go like hell