NGK plug wires vs. OEM Honda (dyno test)

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Just a little FYI. Honda uses NGK plugs and wires anyways. :p

They just dont put the NGK letters on them.

They have been doing things like that for years.
hmmm i know they use the NGK plugs (and i just bought some today! :) ), but are you sure they use NGK wires too?? I bought Honda spark plug wires just the other day, and they say Sumitomo all over them. I bought them from the Honda Dealer and they came with the Honda label on the package.

...and they had that sweet JDM smell!! ..oh and the guy f%#*ed up and gave me a free dist. rotor! :D he didnt know there was already one in with the cap.
That report does not shock me, but that is really good to know, nice find. Yeah i thought honda had some other company making there spark plug wires.
I like the NGK plugs, they are good, I use them in my car.
well i do, i had the bosch platinums and they didint seem to work as well as the NGKs....
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