Nissan Pathfinder Armada


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Dudes i saw a new Pathfinder with those shitty Auto Zone "Vtec tuning" badges on it. And not just one of them on the driver door, passenger door,both back doors and three on the rear doors of the car. What a fucking moron. There's a lot of stupid people in the south but damn that was bad!

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Actually, I think the Armada DOES have VVT... It's the same engine as in the Titan, which is a differently stroked version of the Infiniti FX and Q45 engine...

I know the 1st and 2nd gen Q45 had VVT. I think they took it out in '97 though. Maybe they put it back.

Anyway, calling it "vtec" is retarded.


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yeah, there's a bunch of cars here in cali period, that all have that vtec tuning badge...hell, my pocket bike has it :lol: :ph34r:


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from the way you all talk, I am glad I haven't seen those VTEC stickers on any cars.

but if you have seen those little stick on plastic plates that say Limited Edition on them that they sell, I have seen quite a few of those put on cars, even if it isn't Limited Edition.