Nitrous Question

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What should the gap be on the sparkplugs with a B18C1 with and without nitrous. what precautions should i take when using nitrous (55, 65, 75shots)? i should retard the timing by a hair shouldnt i?


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typically when running N2O you use a colder plug.

as far as the gap goes
From Helms Manual: B18C1 engine specifications
Stock plug:
Electrode Gap:
1.3 mm (0.051 in)

and when running N20 the gap is usually set larger and is usually found experiementaly what works best
you dont really have to retard the timing if your only running 75 shot
What year is your car
is the computer OBD1 or OBD2 if it is OBD1 run 100 but buy the module that kicks you timming back when you fire the NOS and goes back to normal when you are not using it. That way your car runs good when not on NOS


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I would reccomend getting a walbro Fuel pump to help keep the fuel up so you dont lean out and detonate...and go boom :D maybe even upgrade to some 450cc injectors.