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why is this game so friggin addicting!?!? is anyone else addicted? im broke as fudge now cause people dont respond to their cahllenges.
Then go race. Race the middle class ( i forget the class name) and race the tournament and win the ~1300 there. I am addicted to it and I play it all the time. No so much here at my house, i'm always busy with the 1 real addiction thing, AIM.
i was pretty addicted. i had to go cold turkey tho. there's a glitch with my account... it can't save race data after a race. it freezes on me. and when i logged back on my red rsx (which does 9's w/o nitrous) turned pink with a stripe. i also have a 9 second civic, 8.4 second skyline, and i sold my evo.

look me up if you want to race "mercutio."
I dont like the controls and I still have not actually finished a race then contenuied, it just freezes when I finish.