No.3 Plug Seat Stripped...!

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as in when you took the pulg out and the threads where ripped off? That is because someone did not use antiseize on them (a must only $2 at autozone) If it is what i think it is, the only way to get the head back to normal, your going to have to use a tap and die to re cut the thread groves?

IF it is just what happened to me, the rubber boot that was on the sparkplug, ripped off and then got stuck on the spark plug, Having a d16z6, the spark plugs where nice and deep so i ended up using a sharp coat hanger to cut a hole in it and fish it out.
so i am guessing that the threads got stuck in the head, you tryed to take the plug out then all of a suddent it came out with no threads (or too many) The best way to do it is to take the head off and do it from the bottom. A michine shop could do it but you can buy a tap and die at sears for like 30-40 dollars. Only problem is your going to have to get a new head gasket (if you take the head off)
You have two options and neither require taking the head off. If the threads of the plug came off in the head (less likely) them you can 1.)tap the hole 2.) disconnect the coil wire and preferrably the fuel relay 3.) turn the motor over with the plug out. The compression stroke without fire will blow the metal shavings out of the cylinder in a few seconds. Next, if you ripped the threads out of the head--it will have to be drilled out and replaced with a Heli-coil to give you some new threads. You can buy the kit but if you don't know what you are doing, i suggest you take it to a pro. If you were to screw that step up, you'd be buying a new head. NGK plugs don't stick or need anti-seize, go with the best plugs and avoid the problem
Originally posted by cws13@Jan 7 2003, 08:45 PM
...NGK plugs don't stick or need anti-seize, go with the best plugs and avoid the problem

The stuff is like $2, it is just a good thing to do, just being extra carful never hurt. And yes oem NGK plugs is the best plug for honda's and that is what i use.

I did not now that you could get down that far with a tap? (never really used one)
Sorry, should have been more specific. There is a special one made for Japanese cars with deep Sparkplug wells. ;)
take the head off
when you tap nthe hole metal fillings fall into the head!!!!!!!!!
this is very bad the can interfer with alot of parts its not worth the risk for 15 bucks
if your carefull you can reuse it or get some red (high heat) gasket makert and reuse it
The tap I'm talking about by Snap-on works from the inside out and I already said how to get the filings out...done it many times. Don't re-use head gaskets, it's just not worth it. "It's not worth the risk, but you would use liquid gasket on a cylinder head? :huh: