no spark at the plugs??? what else can i try?

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i have a 91 crx stock 1.5 base model, my car WAS having trouble idleing, stalling, if i gassed it hard, it would almost die out stuttering ... finally it stopped running when i was on the freeway. i replaced the plug wires and plugs cap rotor and distributor and checked all the fuses twice. the ecu is giving me one flash, i didnt check it the same day it broke down if that matters. from what iv read it could be the MAIN RELAY. if anyone has any ideas
holler at me thanks :confused:
so if timing is off it wont spark. ill check that today. if i had a bad O2 sensor or map sensor would that also cause no spark.
those wouldnt cause it not to spark (to my knowledge), timing being off it should still spark but not at the right time... did u change the main relay u asked about?
a bad map or o2, the car would still run, but like crap.
if wired wrong, who knows what may happen.
you may have fried the ecu itself.
i pulled the main relay and im waiting for the replacement i should get tonight, looking at the old one, it does look like it might have a bad solder point or two. and about the bad ecu, would i get one flash if it was bad??? cause i get one flash.

thanks for your help
Code 1 is your O2 sensor, that could cause the car to run rich but has no effect on your spark. Honda ECU Trouble Codes

Also the main relay is for your fuel pump and should not effect your spark either. Generally getting spark from your distributor is one of a few things. Your distributor it's self including the coil, igniter, etc. could be either or all of the above. Bad plug wires, or bad ECU. Most likely however the problem is in your distributor. How are you checking for spark?
i checked the spark several differnt ways , so i know the plug was grounded when i cranked it. i also took off the distributor cap to make sure the rotor was spinning. the wiring in the car isnt holding up well. im begging to think i need to replace the whole wiring harness, everthing is so brittle its no suprise im having electrical problems. Its funny really, the car couldnt have broke down at a worse time, my house burned down on the second, and my car breaks down two.
i checked the ecu again and it gave me one flash, then i think 19 or 20 quick flashes the book doesnt really tell u how to fix either of those so i could use some help
i would be willing to bet a punch in the face that it is the ICM (Ignition Control Module)
yeah, it sounded like that was it to me too... i know for sure it has to be flash code 19 "lock up control solennoid valve" now this could cause no spark, im finding it hard to get much info so far... gonna keep looking
turns out the first thing i changed the distributor was the problem. autozone gave me a bad part, swaped it out, car fired up.... thanks for nothing CHUMPS
take the cover off from the timing check if it moves, if it doesn't move its ur timing or maybe it just jumped a gear. add some fuel on first cylinder if it works its ur fuel if it doesn't no spark