Nor Cal enthusiasta

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I'm looking for some 20yr+ Honda enthusiasts that are not a bunch of shitheads to hang out with. As you know that is hard to come by. I live outside of Stockton, Ca and the majority of people I see are 17 rolling around with a 2.5 inch drop with 14in hubcapped rims on there parents Civic. I just want to meet some people that want to hang out and actually work on their own cars. I have 20+ acres and a barn and access to tons of wrecked cars. Lets get something going and by that I dont me let's hang out I some parking lot and bullshit about what's not even in your car. Just thought I'd put this out there and see what happens. If you're interested email me. Thank you :D
i'm in cali, i dont think i'm a ricer? hehe... i live in vacaville, which is kinda far from there. i'm 24, if you're ever in this area, hit me up!
lol im in san jose.. i ride out to stockon every once in a while.. and im 21. And B16 isnt a ricer... and im not either..well.. on second hand.. maybe B16 is a j/k
i have carbon fiber wipers... and a motor that will be bad f00kin ass in a month or 2 :)

too bad im 3400 miles away from you
lol B! Yeah my motor should be quite nice here in a month after everything is installed.
Originally posted by Hexen@Dec 19 2002, 10:47 AM
B16, you're in Vacaville? So am I... what the hell?

haha, no fookin way? we should hook up sometime!!
Yea I'd like to see your swap / car.

There's not a lot of people around here that do good work on cars (there's a ton of ricers in Vacaville.)
yes, there sure is! email me sometime, i usually dont do shit on the weekends