normal injector patterns

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im o'scoping my injectors cause i have a ingition and fuel system codes, and ive looked every freaking were and cant find the anwser so.......does anybody know the normal pattern for stock injectors on a D16z6
There is no pattern; they're controlled via PWM by the ECU. You can oscilloscope the ECU; but the injectors are just "on-off" devices, only their resistance will show.
yes there is a pattern.... when you measure with a o'scope your reading voltage patterns at a rate able to be seen...... a injectors pattern kind of looks like a heartbeat........ mine is showing this pattern but because i dont know the correct pattern i cant find out if the pattern is flipped or if the voltage spike is incorrect......... i just dont know the correct pattern
You're reading with the injectors hooked up, correct? The signals come from the ECU. The ECU grounds the injectors, completing the circuit. The pulse-widths depend on how much fuel is necessary; you can look at the fuel maps for this. Putting a oscilloscope on a injector is like putting it on a lightbulb; it'll only show how fast you're flicking that on/off switch.

A "bad" injector would have some issue with the electrical resistance; which means you would just check for resistance(which is supposed to be 12-15ohm).

The only time people use oscilloscope on injectors is to measure injector lag time at different fuel pressures and different voltages.

What exact codes is it giving you? Sometimes, the solution is something different; follow Honda's flowchart(in the Helms manual) to solve the issue.
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i know im tyring to adjust how fast they come on and off........ i do know what im doing i do it at work at least once a week on some car...... i found a diagram and fixed but thanks for helping