Nos For B16a

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Had a 99 neon with 125 shot daily. Drove like a charm until one drunk rainy night i decided to spray through a corner racing some WRX when i meet head on with the front of a neighbors house. blah blah

Now i jump on the honda band wagon and have CRX with a B16a will it hold NOS like the neon? what will i have to change to make it hold NOS, and LAST
1.) Driving drunk is :ghey:
2.) Racing Drunk is even more :ghey:
3.) Dude you were racing a neon drunk in the rain, you must be a flaming transvestite, or at very least a huge fucktard. You make me wanna sell my crx.
Go buy another purple velvet covered neon and drive drunk you were born to destroy shitty cars not good cars like Honda’s

things wrong with this post:

a) driving a neon with a 125 shot
B) driving it drunk
c) driving it drunk in the rain
d) driving it drunk and racing a wrx in the rain
e) driving it drunk and racing a wrx in the rain around a corner.

do us all a favor and stay off the road
That teg is soooo fucking :ghey:

And i agree about driving drunk, it is :ghey: too

And what were you thinking even trying to race a wrx around a turn in the rain??

Rex vs. AWD???? hmmm....... not worth the beating.