Nos For D16z6

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I was wondering which kit would be the best and be the safest for a d16z6 engine. I'm leaning more to zex kit because of the ease of intallation. The engine is basically stock with intake and exhaust and have about 150,00 miles on it. With the hig millage on the engine would it be okay to run nos or would i end up blowing the engine within a month or so? any opininion? Also planing to do a swap near the future not sure what engine yet to swap thinking of gsr right now, would this kit be a able to bolt on to the motor no problem??
I've talked to the company's before,and not a one of them recommended running nitrous in a 120,000 plus engine,without at least replacing the rings.
Yeah i would also say replace rings and if you do that you might as well put some half way decent pistons in their to. Also zex makes valve train components to go with their nitrous kits.