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What would be a good compression ratio to run a 75 shot of nitrous.I know that you need low compression for a tubo but I'm not sure about n20.

It's in a b16a1


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I'd think you'd still want a decent compression,since your not going to be squeezing all the time.Unless your talking about a track only vehicle that only see's full throttle racing.


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the biggest thing with nitrous tuning isn't your compression. It's your A/F ratio. you can squeeze a big shot with high compression. You just need proper tuning.


so i will be ok with 11.0:0c/r and a 75 shot as long as I get differnt rings and pistons ? If I'm missing something please let me know what else I should do

Thanx for any help


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Yea, i'm about to do the same thing. my friend talked me into buying nos, only because my car is slow, and i don't wanna put up the money for a turbo right now. But on my Z6, the comp. ratio is 9.2. would a 100 shot be ok on a wet system????


I'm not one of these experts, but I would say its to much (unless you just wanna exuse to do a swap)


its all about fuel and tuning. and a wet shot kicks in a LOT harder than a dry/fogger does
75 fogger = 55 shot wet i would say as far as the power it seems to put to the ass dyno


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just upgrade your fuel system a tad and get some different plugs and wires. you don't need to rebuild your engine for a 75 shot, it's perfectly safe if you can give your engine ample fuel. :)