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i have a crx stock si engine d series and i want to nos it do i have to build the bottom end?
Stock motor will handle up to a 70 shot i know for sure. Only thing you may want to get is a FPR. Other than that, just start with a simple dry kit from NOS (I prefer it), use the 50 jet to start. It is about a six hour install and your off and runnin mid 14's easy.
fpr? .wut is that?wut about the zex kit because i was thinking of building the head and just getting some rings for the bottom is that smart?
FPR= Fuel Pressure Regulator. How big of a shot are you looking to run because it makes a big difference?
oh ya depends what shot most importantly, and no a stock d16 wont handle a 70 shot.....for long. Timing needs to be retarded and i would suggest building the bottom end.But since this is a swap site im sure everyone will agree to go for the cheaper B-series swap for a better money/power ratio.