Not that anyone missed me... (Treats Inside)

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Too much going on in my life right now. :(

Anyway, good news first. I'm going to SEMA early November!! :D

I took my car to the dyno after embarrassing myself at the track!! :)

232 horsepower at the wheels, 180 ft pounds at the wheels at 15 PSI. We tuned it to 1 full bar, and she loved it, but it's not a healthy engine. :( Needs s'more work.


Ok, bad news. because of the SEMA trip, I'm BROKE AS A MO FO. :( Re-max'ed out my CC's and one of my personal loans was restarted for the cash to get things rolling... BAD :( I know I shouldn't have done it, but goddammit, I deserved it.

I burned up two of my S-03's already from front end suspension problems, and BAD camber. $160 worth of tires burned up in 1200 miles and 1 month. I'm rolling borrowed steelies again. :(

I went to the track and ran a 14.5, 14.1 and another 14.5 :(

The lackluster track experience prompted the trip to the dyno saturday morning, and the tuning went well, the car feels good, but she's smoking like a freight train after boosting from turbo seal issues, and I've got some pretty major blowby, which I'll pull the head and install some new rings in a month or two. Car's still drivable, but I'll need to pull the thing apart to have the turbo rebuilt, the head needs a valve job, guides and seals, and the bottom end needs rings... What fun :( I'll just keep a case of oil in the car til I get the funds for that. Might be just after Christmas. At least she's not detonating, or snap crackling and popping like before... :)
thats what u get for accusing me of pulling ricer fly-bys! :p

eh, ok. hope things get better for you soon....and stop thinking im a ricer. my car's slow and i know it.


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my friend has a little blow bye in his 90 turbo lude... we raced thing you know shit loads of smoke rolls out..... it turns out one of the rings melted and the almost no compression in two of the cnynders....


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Without boosting, the car runs fine, gets 25-30 MPG, and is not bad at all. The only time is smokes is when it's COLD and the motor is making shitloads of oil pressure, and it's squeezing thorugh the turbo seals, or after loading up the turbo by boosting, it'll make some smoke after I let off the accelerator.

TURBO seals mostly, but the blowby is almost certainly causing compression problems, I just haven't tested the compression yet.
i dont know shit really, but just in case this isnt a bad idea...maybe you should use oil with a lower cold weight # (5w30)??? or is that not a good idea?


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That would probably help, but I get some valve tap with a colder weight at cold start, which is rampant with VTEC honda's, apparently. :(