O2 sensor hook ups. Help!

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Okay, i just finish installing my JDM b16a SiR II motor in my 92 Honda Civic hatchback CX. And i'm using the CX engine harness for the swap. Heard i suppose to use 92-95 Si engine harness though. But anyways, Since the JDM b16a SiR II has four wires for the O2 sensor. Where does each of them go. Well, i know 2 of them leads to the ECU. But where does the other two wire leads to? I think the other two is heater wires. But where do they go?
pissedoffsol, that's what i'm talking about....The link you gave me to P30 hook up... There's only 2 Oxygen sensor mentioned.... what happened to the other 2?
must be for a heated O2 sensor? one is for power other is ground. they do this to heat the sensor quicker to get a more accurate reading.
so two of the wires goes to the ECU. and the other two. One goes to Power, and the other one for ground? What color goes to power, what color goes to negative?

I think so.... The O2 Sensor is at the bottom of the header. Bottom of the car.