Obamacare-The New World Order

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Yeah that means they know how to channel government funds without expending any capital, not that they are competent or productive.
My dad used to work for the USDA as a research scientist. He says that in contractor type situations, it's usually either given to the lowest bidder (regardless of that bidder's resume) or or it's given to someone as a favor...so yes...that's exactly how it works, lol.
That family made out like bandits, which apparently they actually are.
cant stand people that will not answer a question. and ive decided i will never sign up for it.
I have benefits, but the day I don't, he can come and get me. Because I will never support this debacle.
As individuals, we like to think we have a say in the matter, but the thing is, it's not your decision, it's your employer's. The only choice you'll have is to get a job or be self employed (good luck with both during the great depression II). The same goes for all other federal taxes. Say you believe the government is a criminal organization because oh I don't know, you've read a newspaper in the last month and have at least a 3rd grade education. If you work for any corporation, you can't just stop paying taxes, they take them out before you even have access. Employers also pay more taxes on your behalf than appears on your paystub, so even if you claim 1000 deductions or mark yourself as tax exempt, the wealth you generate is still taxed, and you won't get away with that for long. Basically, if you want to live in harmony with your morality (life liberty pursuit of happiness), you have to be poor. Dirt poor. And with the brutal effectiveness with which we've cut off the poor from political influence with our sham of a representative democracy, it's hopeless to think you'll make a difference. Every employer will be forced to participate, and every one of you working for corporate America will accept the new terms because you're shit scared of striking out on your own and being poor and uncomfortable.
I've seen government employees spout off about how they're not signing up for obamacare. How many of them are actually going to stand on principle and quit their job? Not a single goddamn one. In this age of economic uncertainty, fear permeates our conscience and drives our decisions. It's all manufactured, it's obscenely profitable, and works so unbelievably menacingly well.
I don't put bumper stickers on any vehicle, but that is one I would.
that and i bet more than half of the ones that signed up has not paid for it yet, and i bet they dont intend on paying. those that have signed up i bet over half are the ones living on the street.