OBD-0 to OBD-1 and DPFI to MPFI

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DPFI to MPFI ?'s

Okay guys, I got a 90 civic wagon and I'm going from DPFI to MPFI

My question is how rich do you think its going to run?

let me explain,
I used an engine harness off of a obd-0 DA for my parts that I'm going to need to do my DPFI to MPFI. Dizzy plugs, injector plugs and the resistor box, well since I'm using the DA injector plugs now I'm going to have to use the injectors as well, unless there is another smaller duty cycle injector that is peak and hold and will fit with my injector plugs.

Also I'm going to be using a PR4 OBD-0 ECU only because I couldn't source out a PM6 one.

And last but not least I'm using the throttle body off of the DA as well, mated up to a Z6 Intake manifold.

How rich would you say its gonna be?

If its to bad I'll just have to source out the other parts I need in order to allow it to burn the fuel more efficiently.

Give me some feed back.
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