Obd1 B16a2 Into 93si H/b Need Help!

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okay here is what i have, a 93 si hatchback, and an OBD1 b16a2, what should i have to wire up, i have a JDM shiftlinkage, so i am not worried about that. and the mounts should be a bolt up type deal. and i have non ABS axles and crap, but what will i have to do to the O2 sensor?

i have a P28 ECU, so i shouldnt have to wire in a knock sensor right? or am i just dumb?

i know i will have to extend my vtec wires to reach, but list anything else i need to do please

If you have a B16A2 that is obd I,than it is a euro model,if it says B16A2 and isn't EDM than it is obd II,doesn't have a knock sensor anyway.You don't need a "JDM" shiftlinkabe,just one from a B series except the delsols.Axles,I hope are the Bseries.And the vtec plug on your harness will reach with some working.As far as the o2 sensor,still looking for the wiring diagram,but can't seem to find it.
much thanx man, i have a 4 wire O2 if that helps any. im just so use to putting DOHC's in crx's. havent done any in an EG yet, too bad the 1st one is my own huh. i use to use ECU's with non vtec just chipped out that way i didnt have to hook any of that crap up or get any crazy engine codes, buti had to run a vtec controller.

any help is great bro
Ok,I need an answer to this is the motor a B16A2 99-00 or a siRII 92-95?
Originally posted by NCHATCH@Jan 28 2003, 04:35 AM
sir II motor from EDM from europe, not JDM, same power different country

I know I have that motor (EDM 93 B16A2 in my car) well you're in luck because you just need to pull the old engine and replace it with the new one,along with all the nescessarry parts shiftlinkage,axles,ecu etc...your harness will plug right into the motor and the ecu will plug right into your car.There is no mystery to this swap since it came in the 5 th gen in the rest of the world.