OBD1 Ecu converion

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Can a obd1 p75 automatic ecu be converted to a manual ecu relatively easy? If so how do i go about doing that.
i think the conversion you need is called eBay... its pretty easy .. you put your ECU up on there and sell it to someone then you take the money you recieve and convert it into the right ECU... its really a pretty simple process... i can get you more detailed instructions if you wnat them ;) hehehehe
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Nov 10 2002, 02:55 AM
it involves soldering and stuff....


Yeah i kinda figured it would involve that ;) If someone knew the actual wires to solder or what to do...

and esolsi- thats what im going to do...theres an obd1 ecu that i need but its an auto, and its like 15 bucks with 10 hrs left

So the final question is- can it be done???

Its one resistor that needs to be soldered. Your car will run with an auto ecu but the cel will be on. I can find out which resistor it is. I believe its on the hondata website.
between the ROM and the side of the ECU are a number of jumper resistors labelled with RP. remove RP17 and install a jumper across RP18.

that will convert a usdm p75 obd1 ecu from manual to auto