obd1 intake manifold on obdo car... Some issues.

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Hi, just like the subject says, this is my swap:

1990 CRX si
90/91 b18a1
90 teggy computer
90 CRX si harness

Problem is I have a 93 b18a1 intake on it. The issues I am having are code 14.. EACV/IACV The plug is the same, and the units look similar, but their bolt patterns are different, what I am wondering is, will an OBD1 EACV work on a OBD0 computer?

Also, the engine is running, but it still has OBD1 injectors in it... The resister box is still hooked up.. Is that supposed to happen? I thought it wouldn't run, I was cranking it to get the oil through the motor and it fired right up?!?!

I would appreciate any info... Thanks!


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the eacv/iacv does not matter what obd it is :) now here is the question did you get the im for the junkyard or buy it from a private party, cause it might be bad and need to be replaced. the injectors are fine but out might want to get 0bd-0 injectors too be safe since the obd-1 injectors dont run with a resisterbox. also on the 93 teggy im is the bolt pattern wide or narrow???


Originally posted by Dark91zc@Jun 22 2005, 12:02 PM
also on the 93 teggy im is the bolt pattern wide or narrow???
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The '93 is more narrow than the '90.


Switched injectors to OBD0.. works like a champ. still throwing that code though.. I've got to find another EACV..