Obdi Car.... Um.. Help?

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Ok, I thought I had all my answers to all my questions.. Here goes...

My car is a 95 Accord EX. It is an OBDI harness. Now... I'm swapping in a 2001 Euro R H22A, this is an OBDII harnessed engine. I understand that only two of the three sections of plugs on the ecu are coming from the engine. These are not the problem as I can either graft the JDM Harness around, or trade plugs with the F22B1 harness. My question is this... That third plug goes to the interior controls and such of the car, correct? So if my car is OBDI, how the hell do I wire up the interior to the OBDII ecu if I don't have the plug for it? Is it something I can get at a dealership? Do they make OBDI to OBDII harness adapters?(such as the opposite of HASport's OBDII to I adapter harness). I have all the pinout translations for the conversion.

What do I do about the interior plug??

Is there something on the interior that I'm not aware of?(like another part of the loom??)

Please advise soon, my swap is scheduled for valentines day and the weekend following...

Thanks for all your help.