ohh man!! I REALLY want a skyline now

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8.96!!!!!!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT FUCKER LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG i think i just had an orgasm
I think the coolest one yet is the jumpoff.mpg one where the bitch gets up off the dyno even with tie-straps and 4 people loading it down.
I've seen that link everywhere... still haven't taken the time to rip the videos though.
The skyline has been my favorite car since I played it on Project Gotham Racing! I won a Corvette with it but continued to use the skyline because of better handling and traction control. Seeing this video just confirms my love for it. Hopefully when I'm old and gray I'll get one and soup the fu*k out of it. Then I'll tell my grandkids that it's all because of a 40 yr. old video game!!!
those two drivers there are fucking awesome.

i really wish speedvision had coverage of those races instead of nascar and high rev gay-tuners.
i wish i GOT speedvision in the first place... let alone what son it
you could dress up like a bum and sit on the side of the road collecting money so you can finally get one, there is a skyline in destin, around where i work saw it once
my 2 cents:

cent one- Skylines own all i mean come on with a potential for over 1000whp and all wheel drive.

cent two- I just got speedvision and aside from the touring gt and rally races it has little to offer it plays nascar race over and over and aver again for like a week 3 times a day