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What is better, oem honda filters (blue so i dont think they are the JDM ones) or honda HAMP oil filters.

OEM ones are $4 at hparts.com
Hamp ones are $7 at this place

Do the HAMP really make a diffrance

(for those that dont know what HAMP is, go here inline 4 hamp page
As far as noticably,I don' think so,but if it is true about the oil pressure than it seems it would aid in the operation of vtec and help the motor run a little more efficiently.
I quit running OEM filters when I found that all the Honda filters that say Made In Canada (the only filters my local dealers could get me) are rebadged FRAM filters. No thank you.
K&N are supposed to be the best oil filters out however anything that meets manufacturers specs is fine especially if you always change your oil on time.
I wasn't too impressed with the K&N oil filter that I used. It didn't work much better than other filters I have used that cost much less. I am currently using NAPA Gold filters ($6.00) and I am pretty happy with them.
i have been using OEM honda filters or Purolator PureOne(seem to be good IMO) but if OEM honda filters that i get are actually fram well then scratch those
The only way to distinguish the JDM honda filter from the US made one is to look for the word 'FILTECH' printed on it. FILTECH = US fram quality CRAP!

Hamp or JDM honda is the way to go! you can also get Mobil 1 or Bosch Premium. They are both excellent and comparable to the Hamps. the Bosch is alot cheaper but inside is exactly the same as the Mobil 1.

Check this out!...here is the most comprehensive review of oil filters i have ever seen. they were actually dissected and taken apart for this study.

ok, cut open a fram filter they are shit.
they are lined wit cardboard,
they are no good,

as for k&n they are also lined wit cardboard, but they are sold at double the price as fram,

puralator filters are better then both of those,
i think anything made by wicks is the best,
they cost a lil more but who cares, dnt spend all that money on parts n den skimp on protecting ur lil babies heart<engine>
Gabe i did not read the whole article but the Mobile 1's are for synthedics right? You cant you senthedics with normal dino oil. Dino oil particles are bigger and get stuck in the synthiedic designed media resulting in a loss of oil pressure.. And this is the same way for normal filters with synto oil. Because the particles of the synthedic is much finer, normal filters do nothing because the fine debris that the synthedic oil picks up, goes right through the media.

PS. did you ever make some finishing touches on the # plates?
OEM Honda is what i use. despite these tests i have more faith in honda and when changed every 2500-3000 miles their filters work just fine. i've never found any type of lint material in my oil and the best running high mileage cars i've seen were taken to honda regularly and honda filters were used.

i would only use JDM honda oil filters, or Hamp oil filters over what i have now, call me stubborn, but i have faith in honda and their ability to assess their own products for quality control. and if honda is calling for the s2000 to get a honda oil filter, then i'm going to put that same oil filter in my high revving b16a.
If i go with the hamp filter, the site says that they 2 sizes, large and small, for the d16z6, i need the small right?
I know we have had this topic posted earlier, but man for a part that is going to removed in 2500-3000 miles it does not matter what it is, it will most likly be removed before it even has the chance to fail. Just because they are not some huge brand name does not mean they are peices of shit, there are way too many consumer groups and recall groups out there to prevent thrid party OEM parts to be poorly. The only instance i know of oli filters not working with motors is, on motorcycles, if you have a honda motorcycle and your engine fails and you have a fram filter on it, Honda will not honor the warrenty, and that is not because of the quality of the filter that is because of the design of honda's motor, and the generic fit of the oil filter. People here will probably give me shit for running penzoil of valvoline... My dad who is now 60 and has been working on cars, both street and race for the last 46 years and has never had a problem with cheap oil or oil filters. I have a honda and i run Valvoline in it, and my dads previous corvette and his current truck have run penzoil, no engine problems with either. In fact his truck (89 F-250 Desil) has 200,000 miles on it, still on the original clutch, and when we replaced the head gaskett, and removed the head the engine was in beautiful condition. i have yet to remove the head on my civic, but i bet the engine will be clean as phuck.