Oil in radiator, Antifreeze loss also

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Ok THis sucks. Car is running like @ss. Im loosing antifreeze and when i put more in and let the car run i see oil in the antifreeze. Exaust smoke is kinda white and smells sweet. Does this mean that its just the head gasket gone bad or can it be more severe? A head gasket is what around 250-300 bucks? How should i start by going about to solve this? Either way its gonna be expensive right? The gasket is probably RTVed on so im thinking even if i pull my head off by doing so would make the gasket gone bad so I couldnt really tell if that was it. I think it would be a waste of time if I replaced the gasket and throw everything back together just to see if the problem was fixed, because if its still screwed then i gotta tear everything apart again. Should I just think about getting a d16z6 motor(should be cheap right?) Or would I only need a new block or head. What should I do because I dont have alot of money saved up right now. In the condition that I'm describing my motor is in is it gonna blow soon? I need help thanks. :(
Sounds like head gasket to me. Losing Antifreeze through it. The head gasket is about $50 some from Honda. If you don't do it yourself it will get expensive.
How hard of a job do you think it is? I have the tools but i never did anything like that before and i have the manual to take the head off though. Sucks :( Do you know where anyweb sites that sells a d16z6 motor?
You can look at your plugs and they will tell you if you are burning antifreeze in the cylinders.
Make sure that you know you are burning antifreeze before you pull the head. Once the head is off you need a new gasket regardless. No need to waste the time and money. It sounds like you are to me, but check those plugs first.
yeah, i took it to a friend who works on cars and he said its definitly the head gasket (sucks) They told me it would be 900 bucks for the job. They told me to just run the motor until it blows since im doing an engine swap but the thing is this is my daily driver and I dont have enough money for the engine swap yet. So Im forced to due the head gasket job myself. I wonder what makes it so hard of a job to charge 900 bucks. This is what im told, drain the oil and antifreeze pull off the Valve cover, loosen certain bolts to take off the head. Take the whole head to a machine shop and get them to take out the alum. cyl. head, pressure check it, resurface it. Get them to put back together, walk out with head, sand down surface of block, put new gasket on throw on your head rebolt down (torque wrench) -valve cover back on oil er up, antifreeze there you go. (100.00 bucks for the gasket set), 120 for machine shop, would be 70 but i dont wanna take apart the head once its seperated from block, so thell do it. Whats so hard about that?
You also need to remove the exhaust manifold, intake manifold and the timing belt. Make sure you oil the exhaust manifold bolts sometimes they are a bear. Not a big deal unless you've never done it before.
I dont have to completely remove the intake manifold right? I can just take off the bolts and push it back? Exhaust manifold is easy. What kind of head gasket should i get. Every where I call they only have cork based gaskets. Do those go bad easy? Im only trying to get this car back on the road for about 6mths until i do the engine swap, so should I not be concerned with buying an exspensive copper based gasket set. Should I just get the head gasket or the whole gasket set? What do you think?Thanks
The head gasket should be metal - all metal. The valve cover gasket (you may need it (probably)) is usually rubber. The exhaust manifold gasket is all metal also - you can probably reuse it, for cheap. No you're right you don't need to remove the intake manifold from the car just take the nuts off the head and push it back.
anyone know what the compression should be in a d15b7 motor? Im gonna do a compression test before I tear it all apart. REason being I ran my car today and there is no White smoke coming out, its not stalling, and im not loosing radiator fluid plus its not overheating. I am getting bubbles coming up every 3 mins or more from my radiator when the cap is off. Now im confused if its really the head gasket blown. Dont wanna do all that work for nothing. Compression in 1.5L in manual is 9.3:1 but I dont know how to interpret that on the psi gauge.