oil on spark plug wires

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ok i was changing the spark plug wires on my car and i noticed that the wires from the 1st and 2nd piston had a lil oil on the part where it connects to the spark plug. now i heard someone on here say sumthing about this but i dont remember what. now i want to know if this is seriously bad and what this means. what should i do about it. i started the car and it ran fine. someone please help. thanks.
was it just grease or was it really dino oil?

Grease it was probally just silicone lube (dielectric grease?) and it could have just got crap in it and turned it an oil like color.

Actuall oil it is probally a vavle cover problem (freind had this problem on his t bird) you probally just need a new seal
i just looked at the old plugs and i cant figure out if its oil or not. u said if its grease it could have crap on it but how would i know for sure?
and can this harm my engine if it is oil?
ive had that problem for a long time. just needed to get a valve cover gasket kit. it includes a gasket which goes along the top of the valve cover where the top of the spark plug shafts are. that is where the oil was seeping in and collecting at the bottom of the shaft and around the wire boots.