Ok Now How Do You Count The Pins On The Ecu Plugs

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here is hopfully the last question for this ecu wiring project its a two parter so here goes
part 1. how do you count the holes in the ecu plugs on a P28 ecu for example they say you have to wire in a vtec wire at A4 now where is A4.
part 2. i saw somwhere that there is a way to have a light come on when vtec kicks in n e one know how to wire that up do you just go get a twelve volt light and put ground to ground and hot to the twelve volt power source for the vtec selonoid? thanx for your help once agien if you guys only knew how much you have helpt me out lately :worthy:
To add to pills, that is the way to count it when looking from the WIRE SIDE of the plugs (not the ECU side). So if you hold up the ECU with the plugs between your eyes and the ECU itself, that is the way to count it. The plugs are ABC from left to right.