OK,,,WTF --> Damn Viruses


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Ok, well I am SOOOOOOOOOO fucking pissed now.

From time to time, when I decided to click "add reply" on this website my computer will fucking send me to some shit ass porn site, now currently, I am running atleast 4 programs to prevent some of this shit from happening.

WTF - do I do to eliminate this, and I am also considerint permanent killing of this problem.

Currently I am running:


and I fucking run these programs atleast once a week, maybe twice, and still this bullshit happens.........WHAT THE FUCK CAN I DO OR DO YOU SUGGEST I USE FOR THIS PROBLEM.????

ok, shoudl I just fucking clean my entire hard drive up and start fresh or what???

<---me, not a pc master but can handle my own, atleast I think.

I am just sick of these fucking popups,,,,,ex. shutting down......just fucking sick of porn webpages opening one after the other , etc...
and just downloading shit onto my computer...WTF...........

someone help me in this non automotive related topic.


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Do a search, I think there was a thread not to long ago on a bunch of people with similar problems,
stop using IE is step 1.

mozilla.org 1.7 beta download is step 2.

step 3... there is no step 3, cuz you will never have spyware again.

IE BLOWS NUTS and is a piece of shit.


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yeah, every since i upgraded to mozilla i haven't had one single pop-up, spyware or any bullshit-

once you download mozilla, make sure you go into program settings and disable IE completely


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I run ad-aware and spybot about 2 or 3 times a week, along with updating them as well. I have 0 entries. :)


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 24 2004, 10:13 AM
run adaware. i bet you have at LEAST 30 entries of spyware

Weird... my system at home is always totally clean. I just run a hardware firewall and a really good popup killer, then watch what I click on. After a year and a half with no maintenance, I only showed 14 items the first time I ran Ad-Aware- even running IE 24/7- and more than half of those were files that were trackers installed with XP.

Nice, huh? :lol: :lol: :lol:


Yeah, screw IE. Moz is the way to go. Hell, dump WIndows altogether.

Neo: So you're telling me that I can dodge viruses?
Morpheus: What I'm telling you is that when you install Linux, you won't have to.


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so far so good..............went through the porn sites and nothing comes up now......

thank fucking god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just defraged everything and scanned for viruses.

so far so good, thanks again guys.

oh by the way, someone mentioned that I should try out Opera for the internet browser??