Old Accord Beater....

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Senior Member
hey everybody i have an old (like 87 or so)accord and everything works on it but there is one thing that has me worried....when it starts there is no smok but then after warming up then it starts smoking out of the manifold i was thinking that there might have been oil spilled on it and its burning off or maybe an oil change is in order or an exhaust manifold gasket.....please let me know what ya think. thanx again ;)
If someone spilled something on the manifold then it should burn off in a few days. If something is leaking on to the manifold then you will have to look for the leak and fix it (look for stains or wet spots on or around the manifold if you find any follow them back to the source) after it is fixed the smoke should stop after a couple of days. If the exaust manifold gasket is leaking or the manifold it self is cracked then you should be able to hear it (it will be a ticking sound that will change with increase or decrease in RPM's)