Ontario Races (cali)

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for those of you who go to the Ontario races in Cali. What days are the races? WHere do the cars meet? and what street do theyr ace on? I really wanted to go but I dont know where it is. thanks


dont know about those....but the Compton street races USED to (havent been in a long while)

met up @ Albertoni (sp?) and that one street that runs along side cal state dominguez hills in carson
@ the Carl's Jr.

sunday and wed. nights.


I wanna be sedated
Originally posted by karnash@Mar 16 2003, 05:46 AM
im dense tonite

Tonight?you're liken to oak all the time,hahaha


its not as bad as u think....

im more worried about the sherrifs than i am about the "homie g's"

and besides, with my old ZC hatch, your usual '64 low-low cadillac coupe de ville hoopty beater

couldnt catch me if i gave it a 10 mile headstart
yea, we have an ontario here too :D guess they ran out of names or somethin.

its on Airport Drive, off of Milliken Ave. racing days are wed. thurs. fri. sat. i hear they start around 11. never been myself. was told by some peeps on this board. just FYI, its a $500 fine just for being there (spectator) and if you get caught racing, they have BAR people there who will inspect your engine for illegal mods and send you to the smog ref (on top of a racing citiation). IMO its not worth it unless you can catch a ride with someone in a normal looking car and not have to drive there yourself.